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Fall 2023-Current

MFA Candidate in New Media at The University of North Texas


BFA The University of Texas at Austin

Exhibitions and performances


Nocturn Video Art Screening, UNT College of Fine Arts, Denton, TX

First and Second-year MFA Student Showcase, UNT CoLab, Denton, TX

Lumia Musica, Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia, Denton, TX


Cedars Union Open Studios, New City Park, Dallas, TX

In Symbiosis, Elm Fork Education Center, Eagle Gallery, Denton, TX

Lumia Musica, Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia, Denton, TX


Denton ISD Faculty Art Exhibition, UNT CoLab, Denton, TX

Juried 30 Under 30 Exhibition, Greater Denton Arts Council, Denton, TX

27 Washes Live Performance, Greater Denton Arts Council, Denton, TX​


Warhol Tours Live Performance, Mpingu Village, Malawi

Lemonade Stand Live Performance, Rhumphi Village, Malawi

On the Line Live Performance, Rhumphi Village​


Omnibus Filing Collaboration with Daniel Bozhkov, Visual Arts Center, Austin, TX

Julia Child’s Bake Sale solo exhibition and live performance, Center Space Project, Austin, TX

Intro to Being Here Audio Collaboration, Cohen New Works Festival, Austin, TX

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Live Performance, Creative 40 Acres Festival

It’s Morning Again in America Collaboration with Henry Smith , Stouthaus Coffee, Austin, TX

Teeter, Visual Arts Center, Austin, TX

Washers Collaboration Live Performance, Visual Arts Center, Austin, TX


The Department of Internal Reconstruction solo exhibition & live performance, Locker 95 Gallery

Convention Group Show, University of Texas, Austin, TX

Young Bloods Group Show and live performance, Doty Fine Arts Building, Austin. TX

Fine Arts Studies Showcase, AT&T Courtyard Gallery, Austin, TX

Awards and Grants


Special Collections Research Fellowship and Grant, UNT Special Collections, Denton, TX
Arrowmont Fellowship, Arrowmont School for Art and Craft, Gaitlinberg, TN



Dallas Museum of Art, Awards to Artists, Arch and Anne Giles Kimbrough Award Recipient


Let Girls Learn Grant, Mpingu Secondary School Library

APCD Grant, Mpingu Secondary School


Bill D. Francis Endowed Scholarship in Visual Arts Studies and Art Education

George H. Mitchell Undergraduate Student Awards for Academic Excellence

Cactus Yearbook Outstanding Undergraduate Award


University of Texas Artist Professional Development Travel Grant

Bill D. Francis Endowed Scholarship

Jennifer Tune Jorns Endowed Scholarship

University-Wide Nomination for Best Undergraduate Research Showdown Video

Second Place Award voted by a judged panel of researchers on 6 minute research pitches.

Artist Statement

Julia Caswell Freund explores culturally ingrained value systems through performance, video, and sculptural installation. Contextualized by her own experiences as a neurodivergent individual, JCF blends a visual lexicon from early childhood testing and learning environments with the fever-dream-like aesthetic of advertising.In her current body of work, JC incorporates elements of stage construction such as artificial backdrops, stage flats, and props to imply a performative or monologic relationship with the viewer. Drawing connections between faulty representations of the natural world in popular culture and inconsistencies in her lived experiences of that world, JCF shines a spotlight on internalized societal messages about happiness and self.Keeping with post-war traditions of performance art in the U.S., JCF thinks of her installations as living breathing experiences. By incorporating not only the body but also cognition into the work, she contextualizes performance within a contemporary attention economy.Julia Caswell Freund is currently pursuing her MFA at the University of North Texas and received her BFA from the University of Texas at Austin in 2017.

Instagram: @juliacfreund
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