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Julia Child's Bake Sale

Still image from live performance, 2017

Julia Child is a persona I first performed in 2016 with a series of impulsive, mimicked gestures and language. The persona enables audience interaction and elicits a combination of unease and familiarity. Interactions can include a sense of duty to “play along” and feelings of shared, intimate community engagement.

Julia Child’s Bake Sale Live Performance, 2017

Medium: Performance

Performance Duration: 01:35:00 

Key excerpt: 00:00-04:04

Artboard 2.jpg

Julia Child's Bake Sale Installation, 2017

Medium: Installation and Drawing

I grew up with palpable feminine and domestic expectations. The lurid, plastic film on my materials reflects the thickly gendered weight of those assumptions. The work is a self-exploration of the materiality of these expectations, incorporating submissive roles laid upon me from a young age. The instillation is a “dream world” where each of my interests cohabitate; this is a place for Julia Child to explore. The drawings on the wall were all created in 2017, derived from the mimicry of my students while I was student teaching at a local elementary school.

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